need cash

hi there i am 29 old man, i looking for job , or anything for cash to hand. for more info you can MAIL me or call or text. no no private numbers please or timewaster

Loan required

Loan required of 4,000 return of 6000 @ 1000 per month over six monthly payments only genuine lenders please ability to repay available

Business loan required for upcoming contract

Need anyone who can help me out with €3000 business loan for 8 weeks. Will repay €3500 after the 8 week period. Am self employed and u will be helping me massively, am working full time and can make money through a recent contract just need finance to get it going

Loan needed Urgently

Loan needed asap 7000 Euro will pay 15000 back at 2500 permonth can prove ability to repay email please asap with contact only genuine offers please

Loan need

I am student i have salary from my government and I have proven. I need 3000 loan I can pay back 300 each month.


LOAN needed urgently 9500 return of 20000 @ 2000 per month over ten monthly payments only genuine lenders please ability to repay available

lender required

Can anyone recommend a genuine lender with no messing about with upfront fees etc.

Looking for 4000 to repay 6000 over 6 months

Loan of 2,000 euro needed

Hello I need a loan of 2,000 euro urgently, please contact me and mention loan and I will give account details and we can work out repayment plan. Thank you

Loan 3500

Need a loan will pay intrest rates need it soon work full time therell be no issues with repaying No upfront fee rates

Loan wanted!

Hi looking for a loan of 1000 euro for xmas. I work and pay back a weekly amount please get in contact if you can help.

Loan needed asap

Looking for loan now I’m looking for 6000 euro can pay back 100 euro weekly can any Irish lenders help me out loan needed now

Finance required

Finance required for a business which I am currently engaged in. I am looking for a medium to long term loan or share in the business if desired from a would be investor.

Currently I am engaged in the running of the business but due to other financial demands, I am not currently in a position to put in the required finance to grow the business. contact if interested for further details..

Need cash fast

My bag was stolen all my Xmas money in it, need a loan of €1000 for Xmas will pay back in February. Help please

Help.Needed 5000 required.Willing to give 3500 plus the 5000 over 15mths

Or 12% of all profits from the business over 18mths,.All agreement’s drawn up by solicitor of your choice. Only genuine people reply please, There is no risk or work involved (unless you want to work) keep eye on your investment, Get in touch soon you won’t be disappointed & its all back in cash. if you want it that way. Regards to u all.

Urgently need a loan of 800e

Hi I’m in need of a loan of 800e by Thurs I’m in full time employment and can pay back 50e a week over 20 weeks or 250 a month over 4 months which is a fair return I think.if any one can help me out or point me in the direction of someone I would be very thankful.

Loan Needed 850Euro.

Loan needed, in full-time employment. Can re-pay on weekly basis.

Would be more than grateful for a helping hand as am in a financial struggle at the moment.